6 Reasons to Experience Myanmar by Cruises

Flowing through the center of Myanmar, Irrawaddy River is an attractive destination with a number of iconic sites along its riverbanks. Today, experiencing Myanmar by boat is one of the most favorite trends in travel. In this post, we want to share top 6 reasons why river cruising become so special as well as several tips for your remarkable journey on this beautiful river.

1. Experience the real life of the local people

Coming Burma, it is the friendliness and warmth of the local people (especially the remote villagers along Irrawaddy River) that make you surprised and excited. They do not have too many chances to meet Western tourists as in the city center, so their interest is more special. When visiting further villages in the riversides, you can have wonderful experiences of the local people's real life. Mr. Paul, from the Insider Journeys UK office, explains that river cruising brings new discovery for tourists about the hidden beauty of a country. He says the interaction with those who do not meet tourists much is a memorable experience.

experience myanmar by cruises

2. Get off the beaten track

Many locations in Myanmar totally lack the connection with the outside areas. The only way to access it is to take a boat. River cruising in Irrawaddy River take you to visit the destinations which cannot reach by other travels. You are not likely to visit the unique Buddhist cave complex Hpowindaung and the picturesque community famed for its incredible pottery Yandabo as a land-based traveler; however, you can go to there with a river cruise.

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3. See the sights from a different side

Myanmar is home to a number of magnificent sights including the temple-strewn plans of Bagan and the glistening Shwedagon Pagoda. However, these places are seldom seen from river sides. It is easy for you to enjoy it when you take an exotic river cruise. Liz who came there last year from Insider Journeys USA says:

"Spending all day to visit Bagan's temples and see the stunning views along the riverbanks was really something. Besides, you can notice all of them from the cabin, the top deck, or even from the pool."

4. Spend all time on sightseeing, not packing

If you do not want to waste time packing and unpacking when moving to another destination every day, taking a river cruise is a great ideal for you. All you have to do are to see and experience your journey in Myanmar. On a Irrawaddy River cruise, the difficulties in checking into and out of hotels is no longer. You just have to book a cruise one and spend your time on seeing the beauty of Myanmar.

experience myanmar by cruises 2

5. Relax, everything is taken care of

On the Irrawaddy River cruise, you have no worry about your tour, meals and entertainment, just relax and enjoy your trip. All are included on board. You do not need to be back your cabin for taking money as well as be confused due to choosing a restaurant for dinning. All you need to do are to enjoy and watch the hidden world in both the riverbanks.

6. Get to know your hosts

No longer moving much as a land-based travel, you will get to know all staffs and crews on the board. They notice both your information and your needs to serve carefully without asking, even your favorite aperitif, and to suggest dishes you might enjoy!

What about you? Book your own cruise with Myanmar River Cruises and get the amazing experience that you have never seen before!

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