Bhamo - The Quiet Town on the Irrawaddy Riverbanks

For many tourists to Myanmar, Bhamo (also called Banmaw) is an ideal stop on the river cruise to Katha, Myitkyina and Mandalay. Bhamo is a peaceful town on the riverbanks of the Irrawaddy River in Kachin State, neighboring to China. Coming here, you will have a chance to discover one of the most relaxed and attractive towns in Myanmar. Ancient teak buildings in Bhamo and surrounding areas are worth exploring for your remarkable trip. In this post, we would like to recommend you some fascinating places and activities that you may be interested.


Visiting well-known pagodas is one of the not-to-be-missed experiences when exploring Myanmar in general, as well as Bhamo in particular. Theindawgyi Pagoda and Shwe Kyina Pagoda are two ones that tourists often visit most.

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Theindawgyi Pagoda

From the town, keep going about 4 miles, you will see Theindawgyi Pagoda. It shapes as a gilded stupa with an elongated-shape bell. In the southest of the pagoda, there are old monk statues lined around a pond. You will be admired the statues in this magnificient pagoda because of its uniqueness. A statue is set among a lotus pond with its snake-shape base.

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Shwe Kyina Pagoda

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Next, Shwe Kyina Pagoda is about 3 miles to the north of the town. This historical pagoda has two gold-topped stupas which marks the site of the 5th century Shan city of Sampanago (Sampanago is also called Bhamo Myo Haung or Old Bhamo). This old city remains almost nothing. You can visit other section in the pagoda's campus to discover more about golden pagoda in Myanmar.

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Bamboo Bridge

Bamboo Bridge is like a masterpiece of the villagers here. It is an impressive 470 meters long bamboo bridge from Wa Thatar village. The bridge is damaged by flooding every year, and then rebuilt by two hundred villagers. It is worth cossing this risky but spectacular bamboo bridge. Winning this special bridge, you can cross the large Tapin River.

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Bhamo Harbour

Spending a little bit of time on visiting Bhamo Harbour, esspecially in the early morning or in the late evening, is an intersting ideal for a stunnig view of sunrise and sunset. Besides, the busy life here will bring to you exciting experiences.

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Shamie Restaurant and Sut Ngai

To enjoy foods and drinks in Bhamo, you are recommended Shamie Restaurant and Sut Ngai. Shamie Restaurant is famous for excellent curry and fantastic homemade tamarind chutney. While Sut Ngai has delicious barbecue and Kachin specialities such as lime-flavoured pork served in a banana leaf and Myanmar Beer. It is interested that you must not speak English, all you need to do is pointing at what others are eating.

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