Is Myanmar Still Safe For Traveling During Racial Conflict?

Many travelers have been spending their vacations in Myanmar for decades till today even in this period of racial conflict in the country and many travelers can tell more of the South Eastern part of Asia when it comes to safety on tourism in Myanmar. The racial conflict is an ethno-religious conflict between the Muslims (minority) and the Buddhist (majority) of the Rohingya. This ethno-religious conflict is happening only in Rakhine State which is also known as Arakan in the north-western Myanmar. Safety in touring Myanmar has never for once been compromised but we tend to believe an act on those unsubstantiated facts that the internet feeds us which blinds us to the real truth and the truth is that only Rakhine State is affected by racial conflict and it is not a tourist destination.

Feed the faith, not the fear. The internet feed lies sometimes and makes everything really seems bad. You should clamp your ears too to wise words from a decent source and that’s only a reliable and well reputable travel agency. A reliable travel agency knows all when it comes to tourism in Myanmar. Don’t let the evil deter you, and tour the best places every human will want to go in Myanmar.

You should also come to Myanmar and witness the splendor of the land that is generally unexplored. You should see what life really seems like behind the headlines. Have you ever thought of the most preserved culture than other countries in Asia, the wild animals, the low-cost entertainment, the rare tourist traffic, culinary exotica? It is time to see and experience it all.

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One of the most notable historical sites that draw traveler’s attention to tour Myanmar is that Myanmar remains the most Asian remarkable destinations due to its distinctive geographical characteristics and location. The capital of Myanmar till 2006 is Yangon, the city of gardens, where you see numerous gardens, numerous tropical trees, and natural parks. You won’t want to miss all that. 

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Tourism is one of the most important sources of Myanmar national income and that’s to tell you the country has put in place security measures in case of any adversities that may affect tourism generally in the country. I could possibly say that Myanmar is the safest place to tour. Myanmar tourist attractions include gardens, temples, and museums with a warm welcome. 

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Myanmar owns everything a traveler needs as most destinations in the city have their specific and major attractions. Yangon is one of them; it is the most important city where tourists like to begin or end their vacations in Myanmar and its major attractions are the Shwedagon Pagoda, Bogyoke Aung Market, Kandawgyi Lake, and City's walking tour. Another one is Bagan and Central Myanmar; it is one of the ancient temple-cities in Myanmar and its major attractions are Hot-air balloon ride, Boat cruise at Irrawaddy river, Lacquerware workshops, Shwesandaw and Shwegugyi Temples, including Mount Popa.

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Myanmar is also a place to experience the most spectacular beaches in the world; the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal has a 2,000 kilometers uninterrupted coastline which forms almost one-third of Myanmar’s perimeter. The major attractions are Chaung Thar in Irrawaddy region, Myeik North and Myeik South, and Ngwe Saung among others. 

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Why not link up with a reliable travel agency like Myanmar River Cruises today and make reservations for your next vacation in Myanmar. Choosing a reliable travel agency solves all problems and gives clarity on rumors on the internet. Your safety is guaranteed, and if you have made a reservation, don’t cancel it, you are safe and Myanmar is safe and will always be safe!

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