The 6 Excluded Costs in Myanmar Cruise Price

When traveling on a cruise in Myanmar, you’ll probably think that the on board price has included everything you need. Nevertheless, the Myanmar cruise price does not comprise tickets or visa fee.

1. International Flights

If you are international travelers to Myanmar, obviously, you have to pay for your own flight tickets to Myanmar other than cruise’s fees. 

2. Personal Expense 

Under the condition that you want to call someone on the international line on board by the ships’ telephones, you need to pay little fee for using the service. Likewise, laundry service and minibar in the cabins are charged at a reasonable price. 

Myanmar Cruise
Laundry service is available on board.

3. Visa Cost & Travel Insurance 

Myanmar Cruise 1It is an obligation to apply for a visa and have a travel insurance to travel to Myanmar.

It is an obligation to apply for a visa and have a travel insurance to travel to Myanmar and these costs are not included in the cruise’s price. Getting a visa to Myanmar’s procedure is simple and within 4 steps only. All you have to do is fill in the online form on the Government’s official website, complete your visa payment afterward, then you will receive an approval letter within 3 working days. Your visa permit will be stamped upon arrival at the airport. Normally, visa for traveling purpose cost US $50 per person and the visa is valid for 28 days from the date of issue.   

For travelers who want to stay longer and extend their trips, they can overstay their visa. Suggesting that your overstaying is more than 14 days, you will be charged US $3 per day plus US $3 registration fee at the airport or land border as you exit Myanmar. However, we do not recommend overstaying a visa, due to the fact that some hotels would not take in guest who have overstayed the visa and domestic airlines might be unwilling to let you on planes. 

In addition, travel insurance for independent travelers and intrepid families are needed. You'd rather not think about all of the things that might go wrong on your trip, but these things can and do happen unexpectedly. Unfortunately, the travel agency cannot cover travel insurance for travelers. Thus, it is wise to prepare for your trip to Myanmar with a travel insurance. 

» Read more: Myanmar E-visa for a more detail of the visa procedure.

4. Imported Beverages

Soft drinks are often offered by the crew in meals such as water, juices, tea and local beer. However, if you thirst for a stronger taste of liquors or spirits, you should spend a little amount in your pocket at the bar to lift up your mood during your evening on board.

Myanmar Cruise 2Beverages are offered on board on Myanmar cruise. 

5. Gratuity to Staff

Tipping custom is normal in the tourism industry. It is absolutely reasonable to show your gratitude to the crew for their dedication and their service during your cruise by tipping. Usually, it is suggested for tourists that the tip is approximately at around US $8 per passenger/day. 

Myanmar Cruise 3
Tipping custom is normal in the tourism industry.

We also have some tipping guides for Myanmar cruise for references.

6. Surcharges 

Ships run on fuel, of course. Fuel supplement fee depends on fuel’s price in Myanmar during your visit. However, this is not the fee that you should worry about because the fuel price applied in Myanmar is often stable.

Port tax is necessary to pay when traveling on Myanmar cruise. The total amount of port tax depends on the duration of your cruise, the longer you travel, the higher it is. The range of port charge is from US $90 to $120 per person.

On a special occasion like Christmas or New Year’s Eve, the crew on board will organize a special party to for guests to join in with just a little extra fee. The party is fun and comes along with different activities so it is worthwhile to pay more for more joy.

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