Tipping Guide for Cruise in Myanmar

Now tipping is normal in many countries in the world, especially in tourism and services. However, you should bear in mind that there will be many differences in tipping in each place. So in this post, we want to share with you some useful tipping guide for cruise in Myanmar to avoid awkward situations.

Tipping is a common custom in many countries

Like in many countries in Asia, the U.S Dollar is preferable in Myanmar. So we highly recommend using USD for giving a tip. If you want to use the national currency of Myanmar, kyat (MMK), you can. However, you have to calculate carefully how much you need. If you remain money after the trip, you will have to exchange back with a deficit. Besides, you should bring some $1, $5 or $10 to be convenient for making purchases at the markets and giving tips. The Burmese often expect the amount of tips as follows:

In the restaurants and bar, you should give a tip of 10% of total value of your bill.

For room cleaning and housekeeping services, a tip of $1 per room per night is appropriate.

For taxi drivers, $5 is right amount. Or if you satisfied with their good job, you can freely give them a tip of $10.

And, $5 per day or $10 is preferred for your good tour guide when they help you have wonderful experiences during the trip.

In many big hotels and cruising boats, you can notice to an instruction on your arrival, in which they also suggested tipping for crews.

The gratuity is not included in the price, get more information in The 6 Excluded Costs in Myanmar Cruise Price

Gratuities Boxes are Often Placed on Reception Desk

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