Bagan - The Embodiment of Historical Beauty and Mystery

As a land of grace and charm, Myanmar is slowly unfolded its hidden beauty for new adventures and new experiences. When travelling to Myanmar, tourists cannot miss out the world of the greatest archeological site, Bagan.

Bagan - The Land of Mysteries

Bagan was the capital of the Kingdom of Pagan from the 9th to the 13th centuries. Situated on the eastern bank of Irrawaddy River in Central Myanmar, Bagan is home to the most beautiful and ancient Buddhist temples, pagodas and monasteries in the world. Until now, more than 2000 temples have remained and become attractive destinations for travelers to visit. 


Bagan is divided into 3 main areas: Old Bagan, New Bagan and Nyaung U. Old Bagan is rather quiet and peaceful with a number of well-known temples, including Ananda Temple and Shwesandaw Pagoda. Unlike this pleasant atmosphere, New Bagan is more modern and bustling as its name denotes. Here is the location of new and high-qualified hotels and restaurants. Next, about 5 kilometers to the east from Old Bagan, tourists can find Nyaung U, the newest and busiest town in this ancient city. Thus, it is easy for tourists to look for a convenient accommodation to stay and interesting places to enjoy. And a solo travel to these three areas will be a remarkable experience for those who want to discover deeply this archeological site.

Things to See and Do in Bagan

1. Visiting ancient temples

The ancient temples that survive until now become the historical witnesses for a beautiful Bagan eternally. A travel to this land will be a wonderful chance for you to discover more than 2000 temples in this Buddhist nation. Each of them has its own historical story to explore. It is completely possible to travel around and lock these stories without a tour guide because a friendly local is always willing to help your trip with a total of their country love. Htilominlo Temple, Ananda Temple, Dhammayangyi Temple, Shwesandaw Pagoda, etc. are attractive destinations which tourists cannot be bypassed when discovering this city.

bagan 2Ananda Temple is glorified as a legendary white temple in the heart of Bagan

2. Watching sunrise in an amazing travel

It might be a regrettable thing when exploring Bagan without enjoying the magnificent sunrise here.  Breaking through early-morning mist, the sun rises glamorously, which is a delightful scene for any tourist. Lowka Ou Shan and Shwesandaw are two of the best spots for tourists to make the most of the sunrise Bagan completely and capture beautiful sunrise moments.

bagan 3
Sunset in Bagan - The magical landscape for any photo shooting.

3. Enjoying hot-air balloon riding

The most interesting and unique way for tourists to enjoy thoroughly this wonderful land is to ride a hot-air balloon. It is one of the most memorable experiences expected for tourists in the Bagan travel. From the air balloon, tourists can have a chance to fly over and contemplate panoramic views of the beautiful and ancient Bagan, especially in the early-morning when tourists can watch the magnificent sunrise as well as catch the first rays of the sun.

bagan 4Enjoying the panorama of Bagan from a balloon riding is an interesting experience

4. Take a horse cart riding trip and biking in Bagan

If you want to experience the classic way of touring the temples of Bagan, hiring a horse cart is a stimulating choice. This is many tourists’ favorite because of its leisureliness, which create a very romantic way to see the temples. Additionally, a horse cart man might become an enthusiastic tour guide to introduce to you the outstanding features of the destinations you come to visit.

bagan 5Bagan horse cart riding, did you try?

Biking is considered as the cheapest and most freedom way to get around. Tourists can have interesting experiences and even stay active when they visit the surrounding villages without any dependence to understand more about the unique local culture and customs in this archeological land.

bagan 6For adventure lovers, don't mis the experience of cycling in Bagan

5. Tasting foods and drinks

No mater where you travel, it is certain that foods and drinks are two of your most concerning. Bagan is a great place for delectable meals with local delicacies that you have not yet heard of such as toddy palm juice & sky beer, jaggery liquor, monhinkha (known as bean soup with rice noodle) and tamarind flake or toffee. Exploring the riverside restaurants or the morning markets is an excellent opportunity for travelers to enjoy Bagan’s original beverages and foods. These will be unforgettable moments in your own wonderful travel.

bagan 7After a full day visiting around, the flavours of these awesome dishes will make you feel recovered.

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