Unless You See the Chindwin, Don't Think that You Know Burma

Chindwin River is the largest tributary of Irrawaddy River. It has the magnificent length of 1200 kilometers. It is the bigger "mother" that obscured this beautiful river in tourists' eyes. In spite of that, Chindwin River still plays an important role in both tourism and military in Myanmar.

Chindwin River used to be a key strategic landmark of the Burma Campaign in 1942-1945. It was fearsome obstacle to British and Japanese imperial armies, which put it up with the role of the Rhine, the Elbe, and the Volga in the World War II. It is magnific history, but nowadays, Chindwin is a peace river. Many of our passengers have remarked on this.

chindwin river

With those who seeks a deeper journey into the country's gorgeous or has already had wonderful travels in Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan, the Chindwin River is a next ideal destination for unforgettable experiences. We offer a wonderful travel plan with Pandaw ships on the Chindwin River. With the subtle designs, Pandaw is called "back to the future". Many tourists say that Chindwin is a river that often appeals to repeating customers. Cruising in Chindwin River is not only observing stunning nature, savouring the landscape, enjoying the unspoiled villages and the golden pagoda studded in the two sides of the river. The natural beauty of the remote landscapes as well as the daily interaction with the locals brings you remarkable experiences.

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» More and more tourists wish to visit or return Myanmar for the experiences in Chindwin River. What about you? Book your own cruise with Chindwin River Cruises and enjoy your interesting trip!

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