No, it isn’t. Depending on your budget plan and prefer option, we totally can give out the most suitable option for your trip.

You can choose a short cruise trip – just 1 night or 2 nights – from Bagan to Mandalay or vice versa with multiple options such as a budget cruise by RV Yandabo or a luxury trip on Paukan Cruises.

Moreover, our cruise prices include the accommodations, meals on board and also the activities each day with nighttime entertainment. Hence booking a cruise, you have booked a package with full services and you have much time to explore and enjoy the beauty of Myanmar River.


No. Your cruise price includes a lot but not everything. The luxury options include more, but even they are never completely all-inclusive. For example, soft drinks and gratuities may be included in fares, but spa treatments won't be. Here are the general excluded prices in Myanmar River Cruises:

1. International Flights

2. Personal Expense 

Under the condition that you want to call someone on the international line on board by the ships’ telephones, you need to pay little fee for using the service. Likewise, laundry service and minibar in the cabins are charged at a reasonable price. 

3. Visa Cost & Travel Insurance 


4. Imported Beverages

Soft drinks are often offered by the crew in meals such as water, juices, tea and local beer. However, if you thirst for a stronger taste of liquors or spirits, you should spend a little amount in your pocket at the bar to lift up your mood during your evening on board.

5. Gratuity to Staff

Tipping custom is normal in the tourism industry. It is absolutely reasonable to show your gratitude to the crew for their dedication and their service during your cruise by tipping. Usually, it is suggested for tourists that the tip is approximately at around US $8 per passenger/day. 

6. Surcharges 

Ships run on fuel, of course. Fuel supplement fee depends on fuel’s price in Myanmar during your visit. However, this is not the fee that you should worry about because the fuel price applied in Myanmar is often stable.

On a special occasion like Christmas or New Year’s Eve, the crew on board will organize a special party to for guests to join in with just a little extra fee. The party is fun and comes along with different activities so it is worthwhile to pay more for more joy.

» Each cruise option has different included and excluded price policies, our cruise consultants will advise you clearly.


Myanmar River Cruise ships come in a variety of sizes and personalities. You'll find a myriad of variations: big ships, small ships, explorer-oriented ships, absolutely decadent luxury ships, river ships, family ships, sailing ships ... and on and on. To help you choose the ship that will best suit your travel style, you just need to drop us a quick message and then we will come back with full options.

Check out and compare all our ships here »» Myanmar Cruise Ships


Myanmar River is very gentle with no waive hence you can avoid the seasick during your cruise trip. But as you stay on boat, it isn’t the same with accommodation on land, hence you should prepare your mind for the different environment. Until now, we didn’t receive any complain about the sickness or seasick from our beloved clients.


Yes, it is. In comparison between cruise on a river and cruise on the ocean, we can say that River cruise is a very safe option. Moreover, all situations can control very quickly and manage on spot as the River near local community. You will feel relaxing and peaceful with your time on our Myanmar River Cruise.


No way! There are so many things to do for active travelers. Even you want to find a quiet area for reading book or listening music or you want to have small talk with your companions or other clients on the cruise, you always can find a suitable place on the cruise to take part in. Some luxury cruise, they offer cocktail bar, book library or spa areas, etc. Hence you can decide what to do with your own time. 

Moreover, everyday on the cruise, you will have small adventure to explore local communities on the river bank. Cruise local guide has a lot interesting story and information to share with you everyday hence you will see the unique Asia during the cruise trip.

The dining on the cruise is also one of the highlight when you can taste all the best traditional foods and western foods for each meal.

We believe that time on the cruise is valuable and memorable.


Fire safety is always the priority of both cruise crew and passengers as ships are mostly made of wood. Therefore, smoking cigarette, e-cigarette, and vaporizer are only permitted in some open areas and restricted in every interior area including cabins and lounges on board. Here are some place for smokers according to cruise's policies:



There is a wide variety of dishes and drinks on-board, most of them are French, South East Asia, and local Cuisine. Wine and cocktails are from all over the world, depending on the cruise. Ingredients are collected from different countries such as beef from Australia, lamb from New Zealand, while all fruits and vegetables are from Yangoon and other location in Myanmar. Overall, you do not have to worry much about the food since there is always something that suits you during your cruise in Myanmar Rivers.


Now tipping is normal in many countries in the world, especially in tourism and services. However, you should bear in mind that there will be many differences in tipping in each place. So in this post, we want to share with you some useful tipping guides in Myanmar to avoid awkward situations.

Like in many countries in Asia, the U.S Dollar is preferable in Myanmar. So we highly recommend using USD for giving a tip. If you want to use the national currency of Myanmar, kyat (MMK), you can. However, you have to calculate carefully how much you need. If you remain money after the trip, you will have to exchange back with a deficit. Besides, you should bring some $1, $5 or $10 to be convenient for making purchases at the markets and giving tips. The Burmese often expect the amount of tips as follows:

  • In the restaurants and bar, you should give a tip of 10% of total value of your bill.
  • For room cleaning and housekeeping services, a tip of $1 per room per night is appropriate.
  • For taxi drivers, $5 is right amount. Or if you satisfied with their good job, you can freely give them a tip of $10.
  • And, $5 per day or $10 is preferred for your good tour guide when they help you have wonderful experiences during the trip.
  • In many big hotels and cruising boats, you can notice to an instruction on your arrival, in which they also suggested tipping for crews.
  • The gratuity is not included in the price.

Let us help you find your suitable cruise

Could not find a suitable cruise in Myanmar? Just tell us your travel plan: departure date, favourite cruise itinerary, number of pax, budget and your special request (if any) and we will reply to you within 1-12 hours with the best option of cruise.