The Irrawaddy Delta - Between Land and Sea with Pandaw

Pandaw's latest journey is to the colorful center of Irrawaddy River. This exciting expedition marks the 10th anniversary of Pandaw's widely-acclaimed humanitarian intervention after Cyclone Nargis in 2008 as well as it's fulfilling a long-held ambition.

With its picturesque cultural and natural qualities, this ancient wetland civilization will bring to tourists the explanation of the Burmese's spirit and how they have rebuilt their communities after devastation and tragedy.

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The Irrawaddy Delta stretches over 10,000 square kilometers comprising 9 main tributaries and a system of smaller creeks. There are about 3.5 million people living in this delta. In the ancient period, it frequently changed hands between the Bamar and Mon kingdoms and also settled by Karen. Then it becomes a crucial place in the period of 1824-1826 to defend the Anglo-Burmese War. Although the British increased the cultivatable land through dykes and barriers, and connected to the Yangon via Twante Canal, people's life in the Delta has no great dramatic changes.

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There are several picturesque vestiges until now. Alongside the marketplaces, temples, churches and mosques, you will see this vibrant and varied landscape. Deep in the Delta are bustling riverine towns among slets and creeks, which are surrounded with alt-tolerant mangrove and nipa palm. Coming here, tourists can have experiences on the waterways with fishermen and turtle egg hunters around Kerala or the Louisiana Bayou.

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However, many tourists are aware of that Cyclone Nargis in 2008 destroyed this primordial scene of peace and serenity. It is the worst disaster in Myanmar's long history, which caused an estimated 138,000 deaths. Pandaw will show you many evidences of that damage and the 10-year process of rebuilding in an exciting cruise.

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With close encounters with a unique habitat, animals and plants as well as the human spirit over disaster, a Delta adventure will be one of the best experiences for you when visiting Myanmar. Book your own cruise with Irrawaddy River Cruises and enjoy your interesting trip!

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