Mergui Archipelago - Hidden Gem of Myanmar Travel

Known as one of the great archipelagos to remain largely untouched in the world, Mergui Island appeals many tourists coming to Myanmar. With a distance of over 600 miles, this island stretches from beneath Kawthaung in the South to the Maung Ma Kan Islands in the north.

Coming here, you can discover an amazing diversity of flora & fauna and very beautiful underwater scenes and marine life. Have you ever made a plan on visiting this great destination? Let’s follow our recommendation for all the best things to see and do in Mergui Island! It will be really useful for your trip.


First of all, it is said that the Archipelago is home of varied ranges of life forms both above and below the water. Coming here, you will have an unforgettable experience with flora, fauna, fish, rays and corals. All of them will bring you to an interesting and diversified world of nature.

mergui archipelago
Mergui Archipelago

Besides, we can have a wide variety of adventurous activities on the islands of the Mergui Archipelago. In detail, we can choose hiking through tropical valleys or kayaking through mangroves and up rivers. It is totally possible to say that the opportunities for exploration are almost limitless here. Or else, you can simply jump in the water from your boat or walk along any of the hundreds of deserted white sand beaches for a more comfortable mind.

Here are our suggestions about islands for your trip to this archipelago. They are 5 of attractive islands in Mergui for you to see.

1. Maung Ma Kan Island Group / Maungmagan Kynn

It is possible to say that Maung Ma Kan Island Group is the first place you should visit when coming here. This group is also known as the Mid Miscos. These islands are located in the extreme northern most point of the Archipelago, offshore from Maungmagan Beach. There are 30 beautiful islands off the coast of Dawei in this Island group. Geographically, these islands are not part of the Mergui restricted area. Actually, they are openly accessible. By bartering with a squid boat owner, we can totally access this great Island. It will take us about 2 hours to reach the Islands from Maungmagan Beach. However, make sure the boat you hire is seaworthy. Besides, it also has floatation devises and takes plenty of water.

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The islands are covered in jungle. More specially, almost all their parts have a rocky coastline with a number of small sandy beaches on the south eastern side. With people having love on beach, Maung Ma Kan Island Group really is an ideal island to visit. However, there is a restriction for us to come here is that no accommodation or food is available on the islands. Thus, we can only have one day trip at this point. Remember to bring all necessary foods enough when coming here. Don’t let your stomach empty. 

2. 115 Island

In your trip to Mergui Islands, it will be a pity if you forget 115 Island. It is also known as Frost Island. Coming here, we can enjoy a white sandy beach with crystal clear waters that are rich in hard coral. Moreover, thousands of sea urchins and small colorful tropical fish darting around will be an attractive feature of this Island.

In 115 Island, we can have experiences on snor-kelling, kayaking – and jungle trekking on the island.

mergui achipelago 2

3. Nyaung Wee Island

Next, we will discover a host of Moken villages - Nyaung Wee Island. This beautiful area will make a strong impression on you with the opportunity to communicate with the locals and find out about their unique culture and their changing way of life, as well. Sadly, due to prevention of Government on the traditional fashioning of locals’ wooden boats from trees, they are increasingly living in villages rather than on the water.

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mergui achipelago 3

4. Phi Lar island

Phi Lar island is also in the list of places to visit in Mergui. It has another name as Great Swinton. Coming here, it is easy for us to see white sand and palm-fringed beaches. Besides, some particularly colorful coral reefs which are perfect for snorkeling will make us attracted.

mergui archipelago 4

5. Myauk Ni Island

Finally, Myauk Ni Island is another good choice for us when we visit this Group. It provides another opportunity to chat with the islanders about their daily lives. Actually, they see very few tourists, mainly just the fishermen who come to buy what they need, and maybe have a drink. Thus, no trinkets or hard sell in this part of the world! If you have passion on souvenir, I think that this place will not be preferred at all.

mergui achipelago 5

In sum, consisting of more than 800 beautiful islands, the archipelago gives you many great opportunities to discover and experience. You can visit smaller ones to see a few palm trees simply or larger islands of several hundred square kilometers to have much more exciting memories. Whatever island you come, you will be strongly impressive by its beauty.

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