Mingun – Myanmar’s Taj Mahal

Mingun is a small village situated on the western bank of Irrawaddy River and about 11 kilometers to the north of Mandalay. The village is home to a number of attractive destinations including Buddhist pagodas, monasteries, meditation centers and monuments of historical and cultural importance. After arriving at Mandalay and Sagaing, Mingun is the next ideal destination in your journey. Just an hour's boat from Mandalay, you can reach this beautiful village to get insight into artistic works as well as scene of local life here.

Things to do and see in the ancient village Mingun, Myanmar

1. Hsinbyume Pagoda (Mya Thein Tan Pagoda)

The Hsinbyume Pagoda is just a few hundred meters from the main street of Mingun. It is said to be an unusual pagoda with lovely gorgeous white structure. The pagoda was built in 1816 by King Bagyidaw to commemorate his wife, Princess Hsinbyume. The architectural style of this pagoda is very different from other pagodas in Myanmar. The foot of the structure shaped like circular terraces with undulating rails, which representatives of the seven mountain ranges going up to the Mount Meru. It is easy to climb the stairway to the top of this majestic pagoda. From the top you will have magnificent views of the Irrawaddy River and the other pagodas nearby Hsinbyume Pagoda.


2. Mingun Pahtodawgyi (Mingun Pagoda)

Even from a distance, you can see the biggest unfinished padoda in the world Mingun Pahtodawgyi (also known as Mingun Paya). In fact, the construction of this pagoda started in 1970 and stopped when King Bodawpaya died in 1819. It was stopped at 40 meters high. Inspite of not being completed, the pagoda still attracts tourists in many different areas. Coming here, you can study arts and crafts of Kongbaung period in Myanmar.

mingun 1

Besides, this structure is an impressive sight. Therefore, you can have a chance to see wonderful panoramic views from the top. The east stairway of Mingun Pahtodawgyi faces with the Irrawaddy River. From here, you can also enjoy natural scenic beauty of this pretty river as well as the majesty of green Min Wun hill. Unfortunately, this incompleted pagoda was partly destroyed by a strong earthquake in 1839. However, it is now one of the remarkable heritages of this beautiful small village.

mingun 2

3. Mingun Bell

Beside Mingun Pahtodawgyi, there is also another construction project which was begun by King Bodawpaya, Mingun Bell. it is a big bronze bell near the Mingun Pahtodawgyi in 1808. King Bodawpaya directed to built a massive Pagoda, massve bell and massive lion during his reign. Unfortunately, he couldn't complete the pagoda. Mingun Bell is the second largest ringing bell in the world which was built in A.D 2000. It is located on the west bank of Ayeyarwaddy River, Mingun Town.

With the height of 3.7 meters, the weight of 90 metric tons and the diameter of almost 5 meters, the bell is one of the most impressive attractions in Mingun. According to local legend, King Bodawpaya commissioned this big bronze bell near the Mingun Cedi on the west bank of the Irrawaddy River in 1808. Both Mingun Bell and Mingun pagoda are historical sites related to superstitious King Bodawpaya. You can see words engraved on the bell in Burmese “Min Phyu Hman Phyo”, which refers to 5 consonants of astronomical and numerological symbols.

mingun 3

In sum, the ancient village of Mingun is one of the best destinations to discover local culture as well as historical factors. Visiting this place will make awesome experiences during your memorable journey to the nation of gold pagoda, Myanmar.

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