Myanmar River Cruise General Travel Tips

Cruising on Myanmar River is such a wonderful trip that attracts tourists from all over the world. However, it is really important to know one or two tips for your upcoming cruise in Myanmar. Either about the visa or the secret tipping guide in Burma, you will find all of them here.

1.    Visa

So the first thing that you need to have before visiting Myanmar is a visa and it is required for any foreign tourists. You can get a visa from local consulates in the country or a pretty innovate solution called E-visa. From 2014, this kind of visa has become popular among travelers to Burma. E-visa was born in order to serve tourism industry and for businessman. Currently, E-visa is available for 100 countries and costs around 50 USD, only for air travel. 

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To know whether or not your country has the eligibility to apply for an e-visa, check out our Myanmar e-visa guide.

2.    Tipping in Myanmar and type of currency

Lucky for those who come from America, US Dollar is a common currency for the Burmese. Cash should be presented in good condition and small notes are always great to exchange souvenirs. If you want to use Myanmar currency instead, one dollar is around 1300 Kyat nowadays. Exchange for Kyat by asking the cruise’s staffs or at international ATM.

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In terms of tipping guide in Myanmar, Burmese is glad to receive any amount of gratuity, but too much can lead to insulting. For example, cleaning staffs should receive around 1$ each time, or bellboy is happy with 1$ for each package. Check out our tipping guide in Myanmar to avoid any unfortunate situation.

3.    Pre and Post Tour Suggestion

If you have time to spend on your trip, consider asking the tour agency for a more extensive excursion. Today, there is quite a great selection of high-quality hotels and resorts around the port in Mandalay and Yangon. Usually, you will stay near the peaceful Inle Lake and have a chance to wander around the authentic village.

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Otherwise, you can rest in a hotel near Ngapali, which offers the spectacular untouched beach with crystal-clear water. Spend time in a refreshing Spa and visiting the magnificent temples before venturing on the upcoming journey.

4.    Avoid Disrespectful and Taboo

One particular location that you should watch out for is during a visit to Burmese temple and religious sites. Local people are pretty sensitive about clothes in the temple and there are several cases in which foreign tourists fall into the dissatisfying eyes of visitors. Shoulders and knees must be covered, although long shorts are acceptable for gentlemen. Upon entering the temple, shoes and socks must be taken out, so sandals are a better option. 

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Since it is hot in Myanmar, hats, sunglasses and sun cream is recommended for traveling. A woman can wear shirts (or blouses) with long sleeves, which provide good protection from sunlight.

It is also advisable for you to know more about some other taboos in Myanmar such as touching anyone on the head in our Dos and don’ts in Myanmar

5.    Exclusions on Myanmar Cruises

Do not expect everything is included in the price while cruising on Burmese rivers. The company will provide sufficient services and facilities for an enjoyable journey. Other than that, you have to take care of yourself. What is usually not included in the price? International flights, personal expenses, travel insurance and so on. Sometimes, gratuity is already in the cruise price, but in most situations, you should save 10 $ for all the staffs onboard. We have details information about 6 excluded costs in Myanmar Cruise Price, thus, make sure to check out before booking.

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