Pakokku - Discovering the Quiet and Traditional Town in Myanmar

The next destination for tourists on the west of the Irrawaddy River is a quiet and traditional town, Pakokku. It is located about 25 kilometers to the north of Bagan and now connected by a new rail bridge. This friendly town is well-known for tobacco and thanakha.

Currently, Pakokku plays an important role as a business center for the Chindwin and Yaw River valleys. Besides, Pakokku is also a noticeable Buddhist center with more than eighty monasteries. In this post, we would just like to recommend you several attractive sites in Pakokku that you should not miss out.

Pakhangyi Archaeological Museum


About 800 meters north of Pakhangnyi's remains is Pakhangyi Archaeological Museum which has a variety of wooden stutues carved from 19th century, Buddhas made of sandstone in 11th century, ancient engraved stone tablets, some old fossils and Neolithic tools.

The ancient city Pakhangyi was built by King Mindon in 1886 with about 383 monumental buildings. Pakhangyi has the shape of a royal palace including four large halls named Shirine, Sanu, Bawga and the main hall. The city walls of Pakhangyi are the greatest among the remaining city walls in Myanmar.

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Pakhanngeh Kyaung (Kyaung Dawgyi)

Pakhanngeh Kyaung was used to be the largest wooden monastery in Myanmar. It is located in the east of Pakhangyi and a teak monastery on brick foundations built in 1868 by Minister Phone Tote during the reign of King Mindon.

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The dark-hued structure stands on 332 teak pillars. They decorated the doors and some other details on the inside incredibly with hand-carved wooden sculptures describing previous lives of the Buddha. The monastery also has two special pillars which are made of two different woods. One is made of sandalwood and the other one is made of scented wood. 

In spite of having been destroyed, Pakhanngeh Kyaung still remains 332 teak pillars and the surrounding areas near the fork of the Irrawaddy River and Kaladan River.

It was an interesting experience to walk the blurred hallways, lit only by unsteady sunlight radiating through the small windows and doorways, without bothering from  other tourists or vendors. Kyaung Dawgyi is the perfect place for who enjoys the peacefullness, serenity and sacredness of the space.

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Thi Ho Shin Pagoda

Thi Ho Shin Pagoda constructed by King Alaungsithu is one of the most pagodas in Pakokku. The pagoda contains the most revered image in Myanmar, which is presented by the King of Ceylon about 800 years ago. It is very interesting that you visit Thi Ho Shin pagoda on the festival days. The pagoda's festival is taken place at the end of May or the beginning of June. This is a typical festival for Upper Myanmar with a large country fair and traditional plays, zat pwes, puppet shows, and Lacal specialities.

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Ho Pin Myanmar Traditional Cuisine

Lying on the Ku Theaina Yone road, Ho Pin Myanmar Traditional Cuisine is a wonderful place for you to enjoy Burmese food after your trip in Pakokku. The Ho Pin is proud of its "flair and care" to tourists. There's no menu, all you need is just to pick your dishes from the samples in the glass case. You can try rice and burmese curry or burmese biryani

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From Pakokku, you can travel a little bit to the south and across the Irrawaddy River to pay a visit to the sacred temples of Bagan. Also, you can move to the east to contemplate the beauty of Inle Lake or visit the bustling city Monywa for your own wonderful cruise.

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