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RV Kanee Pandaw

Cabins : 14   |   Launched : 2019

Rv Kanee Pandaw is a newly built ship of Pandaw Cruise Lines to start sailing on Irrawaddy river in 2019. The ship has the ultra - shallow twin decks which can navigate even in the low water level, beautifully designed cabins as well as indoor and outdoor dinning areas.

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RV Pandaw II

Cabins : 24   |   Launched : 2002

RV Pandaw II was the first self-built ship back in 2001 of Pandaw Cruises in Myanmar. However, it is still a beautiful small Pandaw ship travelling to destinations in Burma along the Irrawaddy River. Because of its intimate size, RV Pandaw II is able cruise at many remote and exotic locations.

rv orient pandaw

RV Orient Pandaw

Cabins : 28   |   Launched : 2008

RV Orient Pandaw is a small and intimate-sized ship of Pandaw Cruises in Myanmar and it is the very first one built in Vietnam in 2008. The ship has served in 4 Southeast Asian countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia Borneo, and now Burma. The ship’s design followed the Tonle Pandaw style.

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RV Kalay Pandaw

Cabins : 5   |   Launched : 2013

As the smallest member of Pandaw Cruises in Myanmar, RV Kalay Pandaw only has 4 cabins and 1 Owners Suite (“Kalay” means “baby”). This lovely ship was built by local artisans in 2013. Its design was taken from Irrawaddy Flotilla Company’s original river cruise ship.

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MY Andaman Explorer

Cabins : 10   |   Launched : Oct 2016

Andaman Explorer was built in 1963 in Norway designed as the Atlantic Guard vessel. The ship has the length of 61-meter long with original Rolls Royce engines, and has a hull built to “Ice class” with extra thick plates. Now, it's ornamented and refurnished in style of Pandaw Cruises in Myanmar.

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RV Kha Byoo Pandaw

Cabins : 10   |   Launched : 2016

The RV Kha Byoo Pandaw is one of twelve exquisitely hand-crafted Pandaw River ships in operation. This 10-cabin K-class cruise ship was completed in 2016, it is currently serving as the Pandaw Academy training ship at Pagan. The ship was coated with brass and teak by traditional artisans.

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RV Zawgyi Pandaw

Cabins : 10   |   Launched : 2014

RV Zawgyi Pandaw is among the newest boats of Pandaw Cruises in Myanmar with high-class quality and great specifications. The ship is finished in teak and classic brass and graciously designed in colonial style. RV Zawgyi Pandaw also includes a flexible bistro area and an observation saloon.


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