Pandaw's Maritime Revolution - A New Chapter in Extraordinary Story

Pandaw is about to a new chapter in its own interesting story after 21 years of innovation in the large rivers in Asia.

MY Andaman Explorer starts its maiden adventure at sea that is spectacularly beautiful but still-little known. Its itinerary is to Yangon and Mergui Archipelago. MY Andaman Explorer debuts in 2016, but to March 2017 starts to explore Burma's peninsular coastline and Mergui Archipelago.


These exploratory expeditions on this boat represent a long-held dream of Pandaw's with exciting stories. Paul, the founder, says: "What is so exciting about this is that it's the first time Pandaw has gone to sea. We want to do this, almost since we launched the company in 1990s." Exploring Mergui Islands, you will find it really fascinating, culturally, historically. It is extremely beautiful.

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Why is it so long to launch the product?

The reason is that it is difficult to find exactly the right vessel for the route. Paul said that it took several years to find out a vessel that would work for what they wanted to do, and searched all over the world. Eventually, they found a ship like this. It was built in the 1960s with a very high powered engine. It was a classic ship of the right size, and very beautiful and remained the beauty of the 1960s. This ship was totally in keeping with the Pandaw style.

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The Andaman Explorer's first journey is crowded with passengers. Paul notices that "on maiden voyages, things rarely go exactly to plan". It is the spirit of adventure and experiment. With Western tourists, the mysterious and beauty of 800-plus limestone and granite islands making up Mergui Archipelago is rarely seen in their country. Here attracts tourists by its diversity of plants and rare animals in Mergui Archipelago, pristine beaches and mangrove swamps.

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Besides, MY Andaman Explorer will bring you to an experience of the Moken's life in Mergui Archipelago. They live here like a closed country, a mysterious land away from the outside world. In term of culture, it is very exciting, especially with those who is interested in the history of the British Burma.

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Mergui Island has many mysterious things which are waiting for you to discover. If you are ready, just take chance to become an explorer to get started with our Mergui Archipelago Cruises and get the amazing experience that you have never seen before. Contact us today for the best price!

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