River Cruises in Myanmar Post Covid-19: Why You Should Plan Your Trip Now

With the event of corona virus, many stories of many who were stuck between a rock and a hard place have been shared. However, with river cruises especially in Myanmar, it is a completely different experience as you expect. The following reasons are why you should consider a river cruise instead of sea cruisers for your next adventure:

1. Low number of passengers

The river cruises are for the majority consist of lower number of passenger in a vessel. Therefore, this will bring a more exclusive ambience for your cruising experience since they most of the time the number of the crew members outnumbers the amount of passengers on board. You will feel like a member in a family instead of another strange passenger.

Enjoy the solitary moment with a refresing drink

2. Authentic experiences

For most cruise itineraries, the ship navigates its way through the less visited areas where the people don’t focus on tourism and are incredibly genuine. River cruises in Myanmar also combine the most classic and top highlights of the country to help you strike the perfect balance between “must-see” and “off-beaten-track” adventure.

Local resident in a middle of a busy market

3. Smaller crowds

After the situation with the virus, the amount of visitors will reduce significantly. Furthermore, despite being the up and coming destination in the recent year the tourist crowds in Myanmar have always been on the smaller side. Because of these reason, now is the best time to arrange your next trip to the land that not many have set foot on before.

A street in the city of Yangon City

4. Support the struggling locals

Of course, the virus also damages the economy of Myanmar – a developing country – greatly. There are still many people now struggling to pass the day due to the loss of income from tourism. With river cruises, you will be taken into authentic riverside village instead of privately owned port, so you can support them directly with your purchase along your journey.

A Burmese woman smiling

5. Promotions

Accompanying with the "new normal", many of the river cruises will offer various promotions to help boost the tourism in the country. This in turn will support you with to get luxury cruise trip in a more affordable prices. You can check out our website to learn more about these new offers.myanmar river cruises 3

Sactuary Ananda

Seize the moment and make the plan to visit Myanmar now. It is the perfect getaway retreat after your confinement to leave your stress and apprehensiveness behind.


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