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Irrawaddy Voyager I

Cabins : 28   |   Launched : 2014

Irrawaddy Voyager I was built in 2014 in Yangon, Myanmar featuring 3 spacious decks with fully - equipped falicites and amenities as well as 28 modern cabins. The ship offers amazing cruise itineraries on Irrawaddy River which give you a chance to contemplate not only the stunning river view and pe ...

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Heritage Line Anawrahta

Cabins : 23   |   Launched : 2015

This incredible cruise ship’s name comes from the Burmese nation founder – King Anawrahta. Considered as one of the best cruises on the Irrawaddy with largest cabin area and highest crew/passenger rate, Heritage Line Anawrahta cruise is the symbol of luxury and majestic.

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The Strand Cruise

Cabins : 27   |   Launched : 2016

The majestic Strand Cruise sail on the the historical Ayeyarwady with astounding sceneries and magnificient heritages. As the Strand Hotel’s sister, the Strand Cruise also ensures the best qualities: enjoying the high-class facilities like swimming pool, lounge bar, sun deck, salon.

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Sanctuary Ananda Cruise

Cabins : 21   |   Launched : 2014

Sanctuary Ananda Cruise set sail in 2014 under Sanctuary Retreats Myanmar. In Burmese language, Ananda means “extreme happiness”, and stays true to its name, the Sanctuary Ananda brings passengers into the world of luxury and relaxing sensation with traditional Burmese handicrafts.

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Belmond Road to Mandalay

Cabins : 43   |   Launched : 1996

Belmond Road to Mandalay was built in Germany in 1964 and renovated by Belmond Cruises in Myanmar. The cruise started its first voyage on the Irrawaddy in 1996. Until now, it is the longest cruise sailing on the Irrwaddy. As a luxury ship, Road to Mandalay will ensure the best experience.

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RV Makara Queen

Cabins : 24   |   Launched : 2017

Time to explore the charming the Ayeyarwady and Chindwin Rivers with Makara Queen, one of the new cruise operated in Myanmar. Tourists will travel through the wondrous nature and encounter scenes of local people while relaxing in their cabin. A once-in-a-lifetime trip awaits.

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RV Pandaw II

Cabins : 24   |   Launched : 2002

RV Pandaw II was the first self-built ship back in 2001 of Pandaw Cruises in Myanmar. However, it is still a beautiful small Pandaw ship travelling to destinations in Burma along the Irrawaddy River. Because of its intimate size, RV Pandaw II is able cruise at many remote and exotic locations.

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RV Kanee Pandaw

Cabins : 14   |   Launched : 2019

Rv Kanee Pandaw is a newly built ship of Pandaw Cruise Lines to start sailing on Irrawaddy river in 2019. The ship has the ultra - shallow twin decks which can navigate even in the low water level, beautifully designed cabins as well as indoor and outdoor dinning areas.

rv orient pandaw

RV Orient Pandaw

Cabins : 28   |   Launched : 2008

RV Orient Pandaw is a small and intimate-sized ship of Pandaw Cruises in Myanmar and it is the very first one built in Vietnam in 2008. The ship has served in 4 Southeast Asian countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia Borneo, and now Burma. The ship’s design followed the Tonle Pandaw style.

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RV Kalay Pandaw

Cabins : 5   |   Launched : 2013

As the smallest member of Pandaw Cruises in Myanmar, RV Kalay Pandaw only has 4 cabins and 1 Owners Suite (“Kalay” means “baby”). This lovely ship was built by local artisans in 2013. Its design was taken from Irrawaddy Flotilla Company’s original river cruise ship.


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