Top 10 Famous Tourist Attractions in Myanmar

Travelling to Myanmar, you may be marvel at the glitter of thousands of pagodas and temples dating back to hundred years ago. This makes the country a unique one which is not the same with anywhere else in the world. If you are still wandering about where to go, let take a consideration with the top 10 famous tourist attractions in Myanmar.

1. Bagan

This is the most popular name in the list of Myanmar tourist attractions. It is a worth-visiting destination for travelers with a deep passion for Buddhist temples, pagodas and stupas because it still remains more of these than any other place in the world. The former capital of Myanmar was once described as the “gilded city” which was the home to around 13,000 Buddhist temples dating back to 11th century. One of the famous temples is Ananda temple with its sparkling gold spires.  Ananda temple features a huge scale and unique architecture which is different from every famous temples or stupas around Bagan.

tourist attractions in myanmarBagan is one of the best temple in the list of Myanmar tourist attractions

2. Golden Rock

Golden Rock (locally known as Kyaiktiyo Zedi) is a stunning sight which is about five hour drive from Yangon including a long walk. It sits 1.100 meters above sea level along with a small pagoda of Kyaiktyo creating a unique complex which is different from other tourist attractions.There is a legend about this magical rock. The locals believe that the boulder is held in the place through a miracle of Buddha. They said that the pagoda could sit on the top of the rock thanks to a strand of Buddha’s hair. The creativeness of human beings as well as the mystery of nature creates a magnificent masterpiece. The image of Golden Rock located on the edge of Mount Kyaiktyo has become a tourist destination and pilgrimage for Myanmar Buddhists. One special thing is that only men can approach the rock, women could only admire it from the distance.

tourist attractions in myanmar 2
Golden Rock creating a unique complex which is different from other tourist attractions

3. Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda is considered the golden symbol of Myanmar and also the most holy site in Myanmar’s Buddhism thanks to its legend and other religious relics. Through wars and natural disasters, the pagoda has still remained its sacred appearance. Located on a hill in Yangon, a thousand-year-old pagoda is covered in gold leaf with the stupa covered in thousands of diamonds. Here you could also find a wide range of temples, statues and stupas. Visiting the pagoda, you should wear proper clothes and enter the temple barefooted.

tourist attractions in myanmar 3

4. Inle Lake

Exploring Inle Lake is also one of best things to do in the golden land. Stretching over 22 km from the north to the south with 11 km wide, Inle Lake has become ideal tourist attractions in Burma. Not only attracting tourists by its awesome natural beauty, unique images of the stilt houses of the Intha along with their exciting traditions and culture is also the reason for tourists to choose Inle Lake. A typical day-trip should be spent on the lake. Take a long tail boat to glide along the lake and visit some small workshops, stilt villages and pagodas. Along the way, it is easy for you to see fishermen doing their work who just use one leg rowing the boat. The trip to Inle Lake promises to bring you unique experience.

tourist attractions in myanmar 4

5. Mrauk U

It is an important archeological town located near the western border of Myanmar. Mrauk U is the second largest center of pagodas in Myanmar, just after Bagan. The special thing is that pagodas and temples here are built by stone but not mud or clay like those in Bagan. Stone temples can be found throughout the area. The most popular temples and pagodas include Shite-thaung, Htukkanthein, Koe-thaung, Andaw-thein, Lemyethna, Ratana, etc. To reach the site, it may take you a four to seven our boat ride.

tourist attractions in myanmar 5

6. Mingun

The village is located in the north of Mandalay. It is famous for its sacred relics including Mingun Bell- Pone of the biggest and heaviest bells in the world, and the white washed Hsinbyume with the famous twin statues of Chinthe standing at the river banks. Mingun Pagoda leaves deep impression because of its glittering burned stone on the blue skyline. Throughout thousand years of war, it still maintains its original appearance.

tourist attractions in myanmar 6

7. Ngapali Beach

Do not miss to add another interesting place to your list of things to see in Myanmar if you are a nature lover. Ngapali Beach is considered the most beautiful beach in Burma with white sand beaches and emerald water lining the blue waters of Bengal Bay and luxury hotels. It is an ideal place to unwind and just relax in the wild beauty of nature.

tourist attractions in myanmar 7

8. U Bein Bridge (Mandalay)

U Bein Bridge in the ancient village of Amarapura is the longest teak bridge in the world with the length of 1,2 kilometers spanning over the river with the age of nearly 200 years. It has become a transport connection of the locals in Amarapura village and also the pilgrimage road of local monks. Visiting the bridge, you will never forget the sunset with artistic images.

tourist attractions in myanmar 8

9. Shwenandaw Monastery

Shwenandaw Monastery (also known as the Golden Palace) is an important Buddhist building located in the center of Myanmar. This historic monastery was once a part of Mandalay Palace complex. Its interior was covered in gold while the exterior was covered with sophisticated teak carving representing Buddhist mystery. The materials of ornate carving are different including stone which can be found throughout the structure.

tourist attractions in myanmar 9

10. Shwemawdaw Paya

Visiting Myanmar, you should not miss the chance to visit Shwemawdaw Paya  - one of the best tourist attraction to visit in Myanmar. Also known as the Great Golden God thanks to its sparkling gold covered outside, the paya is especially an important building in Buddhism since it contains some relics relating to Buddha. With the height of 114 meters, it is the tallest pagoda in the golden land.

tourist attractions in myanmar 10

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