Top Things to Do in Mergui Archipelago

If you are wondering where to spend your beach holidays without hustle and crowds, Mergui Archipelago is an ideal option to relax and spoil yourself. Lying offshore Southern Myanmar, this island complex has its own charms and beauty to allure any travelers once stepping foot here. Having more than 800 islands and islets with the diverse ecosystem, pristine beaches, colorful marine life, lush jungle, ancient mangrove forests, hidden sea caves as well as various flora and fauna, Mergui or Myeik Archipelago is definitely a place worth to explore. There are a lot of things to do in Mergui from water – based activities to inland adventures.

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1. Diving and Snorkeling

Mergui Archipelago is considered as one of the best places for diving and snorkeling in Myanmar and in Asia in general. Endowed with the sparkling turquoise water and rich aquatic ecosystem of vivid coral reefs and a variety of exotic sea creatures, diving and snorkeling in Mergui are the not – to – be – missed activities. Owing to the isolated location, this island complex is still mysterious to many tourists, therefore, the diving sites here are very quiet and unspoiled. You can enjoy your discovery into the spectacular underwater world without the noise of the boat engine or the tourists.

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Some famous dive zones in Mergui are Burma Bank, Black Rock and Shark Cave which offer an amazing dive among the vibrant corals reefs and many chances to spot the unique sea species like Batfish, Moon Wrasse and Frogfish. 

There are several diving and snorkeling operators in Mergui Archipelago that offer the good diving facilities and courses such as Andaman Dive Resort, A – One Diving and Asia Whale.  

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2. Swimming and Sun Bathing

When talking about Myanmar beach holidays, we cannot forget to mention the stunning beaches of Mergui Archipelago. What is more fantastic than spending a day lying on the white soft sand of the beach and enjoying the sunlight and a delicious cocktail. Or you can soak into the relaxing cool water of this award - winning archipelago and forget all worries about the daily life. 

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3. Sailing and Kayaking

If you want to explore further the island complex, to the secret sea caves and ancient mangrove creeks, sailing and kayaking are available. 

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The journey not only offers you a great discovery to the archipelago but also bring a lot of breath – taking landscapes. You can also have a chance to see some indigenous birds and reptiles when accessing to the mangrove forests.   

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4. Hiking and Jungle Trekking

The islands of Mergui Archipelago feature not only the stunning beaches but also lush vegetation of various flora and fauna which are worth to explore. Hence, owing to the fact that a large number of islands in this archipelago stay uninhabited, there are 2 notable places for you to discover: Macleod Island and Lampi Island. 

The trek give you a chance to immerse in the beauty nature of exotic plants and unique animals. If you are lucky, you will see some of the globally - protected birds in Lampi island – the Burmese national marine park where more than 230 bird species nested in. 

For someone who wish to have a spectacular panoramic view through the greenery forest and the deep blue sea, the hike will lead you to the top of the mountain. This is a great opportunity for you to catch the jaw - dropping sunset and capture some amazing photos.     

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5. Meeting the Moken - Sea Gypsies

The natives of the massive Mergui Archipelago are the Moken, so called Sea Gypsy who know for the incredible free diving skills and nomadic lifestyle. For centuries, they roam around the tropical islands by the Kabang (an indigenous boat) and live as hunters and gathers.

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Meeting the Moken - Sea Gypsies is one of the most interesting activities in things to do in Mergui

Coming to Mergui Archipelago, tourists will have a chance to visit the villages of the Moken to experience their culture and their sea - based way of life.  You can try paddling the Kabang; observe the spear – fishing method, collect the food from the seabed and many more.  

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