Yangon – The Golden City of Myanmar

Known as Myanmar’s ancient capital, Yangon is a fascinating destination with glistening golden temples, green parks and gardens, and diversified street food. All of these interesting things attract many tourists all over the world. If you are planning to visit Myanmar, do not miss out this beautiful city. Follow us to enjoy some interesting activities and magnificent views in Yangon that you will be impressed at first sight.

Best Things to See and Do in Yangon

Coming to Yangon, you will have memorable experiences when visiting many ancient and spectacular temples with uniquely-designed structures. Besides, there is a variety of interesting activities you cannot bypass. You can catch magnificent sunrise and sunset from the sacred temples as well as admire the sparkle and mysterious beauty of these temples at night. Or else, you can discover Yangon on foot to see every single corner, enjoy special street food or take a break in green parks for a wonderful trip.

Here are our suggestions of attractive destinations for your trip to Yangon.

Shwedagon Pagoda

The Shwedagon Pagoda is considered as one of the most important Buddhist sites in Yangon, and all in Myanmar. It reaches a height of 99 meters, so you will notice it from a distance as you move around Yangon as well as see the whole of Yangon from the pagoda. Its bell-shape structure is plated in gold with thousands of diamonds, rubies and a 76 carat diamond crown at the top of the stupas. The golden pagoda shimmers in the day light, but becomes truly magical at night.


The Shwedagon Pagoda is a very well- preserved heritage and a sacred religious site for many Buddhist followers in Myanmar. When travelling to there, you will see people performing a series of rituals according to the day they were born, including walk around the base of the pagoda. It is a wonderful experience that you spend your time on admiring both sunrise, sunset and night at this gold pagoda. Finding a place to sit and listen to chimes of the temple bells as enjoying its magical beauty, your mind will be very relaxed.

Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda

Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda is just a short distance to the northeast of the Shwedagon Pagoda. You will be impressed by a striking Reclining Buddha that measures 65 meters long and 16 meters high. The Buddha is one of the most beautiful in Myanmar with the placid face punctuated by glass eyes, vermilion lips and blue eyeshadow. One more special feature is the statue’s staggered feet, which are decorated with 108 sacred Buddhist symbols.

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Sule Pagoda

Located in the heart of downtown Yangon, Sule pagoda holds both religious and political significance of this charmed land. It seems that all the roads in downtown Yangon lead to Sule Pagoda. Therefore, it’s not hard for tourists to get there. You can walk around this pagoda to see Yangon’s Independence Monument and the beautiful garden Maha Bandula Park. If you want to discover more, walk further and contemplate the surrounding religious building such as Jameh and Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Kandawgyi Park

To escape from the bustle of Yangon, Kandawgyi Park is a perfect destination for you. The open green spaces, long boardwalks and water fountains in this park will give you a break from the city life. It is only 3 kilometers to get there from downtown Yangon. If you visit this park in the early morning or in the evening of a nice day, you will have chance to relax with a fantastic sunrise or sunset view in a peaceful land.

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Bogyoke Aung San Market

Bogyoke Aung San Market is a 70-year-old market on Bogyoke Aung San Road. This is a huge bustling market selling all you need. Also, the market is known as traditional souvenirs paradise with jewelry, Burmese dresses & fabric, artwork or handicrafts. There is a large selection for you to buy any souvenir in this nice clean market. However, be careful if you do not want to get lost!

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