Best Activities onboard while traveling on Myanmar Cruises

During your upcoming trip on Myanmar rivers, there will be a lot of activities to enjoy onboard, especially ones that arranged on Myanmar cruise. Therefore, tourists usually love to join in and relax after or before starting their busy day to explore the country.Through those activities, you will not only understand more about the history but also the rich culture of Burmese people.

1.    Tea and Traditional Dishes

A huge number of tourists venture on Myanmar cruise to try the unique Burmese cuisine and their pickled or fermented tea. On the cruise, your meal will be prepared by the professional chef who knows very well about the cuisine in the country. Dine the delicious feast made from local organic ingredients allows you to completely immerse in the nature of Myanmar. 

Best Activities onboard while traveling on Myanmar CruisesTraditional Herbs and Tea Leaves

On the other hand, in the morning, it is said that drinking Myanmar’s tea will instantly make people full of energy for a full day. A lot of cruises such as The Strand Cruise, RV Makara Queen will serve you this kind of magical beverage to refresh at the beginning of the day.

Best Activities onboard while traveling on Myanmar Cruises 1Try the Warm Tea onboard

2.    Yoga and Spa

A common activity that you can expect during cruising on Myanmar Rivers is Yoga. Like tea, Yoga is famous for making people refreshing, relaxing to their mind and soul. Therefore, cruises often arrange Yoga lesson for their passengers to unwind in the morning. Ships which have Yoga session include Anawrahta Cruise, Belmond Road to Mandalay.

Best Activities onboard while traveling on Myanmar Cruises 3A Refreshing Morning on Myanmar River

Other than that, during free time, several cruises offer a nice Wellness & Spa to relieve the stress of travelers. It will always nice to visit the Spa after a long hard day or before a good night sleep. You can find Wellness & Spa on Irrawaddy Explorer, The Strand Cruise.

Best Activities onboard while traveling on Myanmar Cruises 7A Nice Location for Relaxing

3.    Myanmar Traditional Puppetry

The Burmese are proud of their traditions and culture and Yoke Thé (Myanmar Traditional Marionette) is the finest example for this. Existed for centuries, this kind of performance has become a well-known form of entertainment in the country. Although Yoke Thé suffers a big decline in the 20th century, great effort from local people and the cruises has been putting in the preservation of Yoke Thé.

Best Activities onboard while traveling on Myanmar Cruises 4Authentic Show from Burmese

Yoke Thé is an extremely authentic show containing 27 figures, live music, and singer on the side and masters of the strings or the puppeteers. Cruise operators like The Makara Queen, Belmond Orcaella are trying their best to both preserve and bring this art to foreigners.

4.    Longyi – Traditional Clothes of Myanmar

When you traveling around Burma, it is extremely to notice a short skirt worn by Burmese called Longyi. This piece of clothing can be seen on both Male and Female, Elder and Young (especially in a remote area). However, many cruises in Myanmar nowadays such as The Sanctuary Ananda provide Longyis for travelers to try out this special skirt as well.

Best Activities onboard while traveling on Myanmar Cruises 9Trying Longyi with the Help from Local

With beautiful patterns and wonderful design, Longyi brings the Burmese beauty to all tourists wearing it and allow them to blend into the local people. The cruise will also provide helpful information regarding Longyi for you to explore more about Myanmar’s culture.

5.    Traditional Dance and Music Performance

Burmese also loves their dance and music performance which you can enjoy on the cruise. If you prefer traditional dancing, you will have a great opportunity to contemplate this authentic show on Belmond Orcaella and other cruises. Sometimes, the performers will be students and teachers, so it is a good way to support their school as well.

Best Activities onboard while traveling on Myanmar Cruises 10Magnificent Dance Performance

6.    Cooking Class & Cooking Demonstration

While cruising on Myanmar River, you will not only enjoy a wonderful meal and delectable cocktails but also have a chance to make Myanmar’s dishes yourself. Join in the cooking class to make iconic Burmese foods such as lahpet thoke and gin thoke on RV Makara Queen. Or, some cruises will offer cooking demonstration for passengers to learn more about cuisine in the country.

Best Activities onboard while traveling on Myanmar Cruises 11Various Cooking Classes for Tourists

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