5 Things You Must Remember When Being in Myanmar Cruising Trip

With long rivers running along Myanmar, travelling by cruise has always been a convenient way of transportation. Since opening its borders to welcome a stream of tourists, such rivers as Irrawaddy and Chindwin have been explored with more than a dozen of luxury ships. Here we will share with you 5 things that tourists should bear in mind when being in a Myanmar cruising trip.

1. Wake up early

In the early morning, Myanmar is really mysterious and fanciful. You can enjoy a new day from your balcony or the sun deck. Sunrise along the river is incredible. It is beautiful and effulgent when over Buddhist temples and shrines or the rice paddies along the river sides. The best place for you to enjoy sunrise is in Bagan. Many hot air balloons leave at dawn each day to give tourists a panoramic view of the ancient city's 2,000 majestic pagodas.

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2. Go with a tour guide

Traveling with a tour guide is always a good idea because of the not-to-be-totally-developed systems supporting for tourism. Tour guides are those who are trained and licensed and able to speak your language. With a tour guide, you will not worry about getting lost in crowded places or buying local products at high prices. Moreover, you can take an insight view of the Land of Golden Pagodas and its anecdotes and legends. This will help you with better impression and memories in your wonderful trip.

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3. Exchange for local currency when you arrive

Credit cards are not widely accepted in Myanmar, so you have to prepare to shop in the local markets or to have a small tip for tour guides and drivers. There are exchange counters that do not charge commission at the airports or in Yangon and Mandalay.

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4. Don’t forget your camera

During a cruise trip, you can take a chance to see many spectacular views and iconic sights of Myanmar along the riverbanks. So bring your camera and capture memorable moments and the beauty of nature in this pretty country.

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5. Be a smart eater

It is very regretted that you miss out the chance of tasting delicacies in the places that you visit. With more than 135 different ethnic groups, Myanmar has a greatly diversified cuisine. Two traditional foods you must taste once are lahpet thoke and mohinga. And, similar to other Southeast Asian countries, street food is also very popular here.

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