Places to Show Your Photographic Passion on Cruise in Myanmar

Cruising on Myanmar’s river will definitely a fantastic trip to explore this charming land. There will be a huge number of photographic chances from the start till the end of your trip. But what is the best place to show off your passion?
Here is our list of top six places for tourists to capture the beauty of Burma on a luxurious cruise.

 1.    Myanmar Landscape 

It is said that traveling by a cruise is the best way to contemplate the stunning scenery in a country. Myanmar is blessed by mother nature, allowing the country to become great locations to view the nature in South East Asia. Floating on a peaceful river, you will encounter forests and hills from afar, added with the golden rays of the sun reflected by the water.

Places to Show your Photographic passion on Cruise in MyanmarMagnificent Scenery during a Cruise

On the other hand, Burmese are also famous for their magnificent temples and stupas. As they blend in the landscape, simply set up your camera, and you will find opportunities to take pictures of these ancient marks. Otherwise, we recommend you to make a few shots of the people along the shore or travel on the river.

2.    Burmese Restaurants (Not just for food)

Take pictures of your delectable meal has become one of the trends now for people, and nothing is better than an exotic photo of cuisine in foreign countries. In Myanmar, you may explore many typical dishes in South East Asia (include Burmese’s as well). And they are presented in such artistic way that diners droll while holding a camera. 

Places to Show your Photographic passion on Cruise in Myanmar 1An Eye-catching Dish of "Salad"

3.    Shwenandaw Monastery 

After nearly 150 years, the Monastery is still one of the architecture symbols in the memories of Burmese. Located in Mandalay region, this place offers a basic insight of Myanmar architecture, and especially the stunning wood carving on the walls and roofs. The building itself is by no means large, but for a history seekers,  Shwenandaw Monastery is one of the finest examples of original Royal Palace.

Places to Show your Photographic passion on Cruise in Myanmar 2Burmese Unique Wood Carving

4.    Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary (for nature lovers)

During your trip in Irrawaddy Delta, it is not hard to encounter a great selection of exotic fauna and flora in the region. Nonetheless, there is one particular destination that makes every nature lover fall in love at first sight, which is Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary. The highlight in this sanctuary is the salt water crocodiles and bird watching activities. After all, a picture of our “friendly little” reptile will surely surprise your friends and families at home. 

Places to Show your Photographic passion on Cruise in Myanmar 4Spotting a Crocodile

5.    Bogyoke Aung San Market 

Also known as Scott Market, you will find a great selection of local products in this area. You will find some regional specialties like carved-wood items, textiles, jewelry. Many shop owners understand and speak enough English as well, so shopping is recommended for foreign visitors.

Places to Show your Photographic passion on Cruise in Myanmar 5Various Local Products

Nevertheless, our main purpose is to attain uniqueness in the region. Venturing around the market and you will be able to witness the trading activities, include how the local bargaining or maybe you bargain.

6.    Sunset on the Cruise  

Sunset viewing is a favorite activity for a great number of people around the world. If you travel with your loved one, it will definitely better to have a few snaps of the time when the sun kisses the horizon. But you do not have look anywhere, just place your equipment on the deck and enjoy your moment.

Places to Show your Photographic passion on Cruise in Myanmar 7The Burning "Ball of Fire"

7.    Shwedagon Pagoda – The most Sacred of all Burmese Pagodas

Last but not least, it would be a great shame for photographers to miss such amazing pagoda in Myanmar. Rising up to 361 feet, this natural treasure provides perfect chance to contemplate the religious symbol of the people. No Buddhist pagodas can beat the grand and magnificent Golden Pagoda in the mind of Burmese. 

Places to Show your Photographic passion on Cruise in Myanmar 8The Golden Pagoda in the Morning

Take your camera and behold the shining complex both during the day and nighttime. This is also a gathering location of local people, who come here to view their national treasure or worshipping. In the end, Shwedagon Pagoda is yours to explore but beware of the time though, since it will be easy to be dazzled in the pagoda.

Places to Show your Photographic passion on Cruise in Myanmar 10A Hidden Treasure at Night

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