6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mergui Archipelago

Located in the south of Myanmar, Mergui Archipelago comprises over 800 beautiful islands. Known as one of the great archipelagos to remain largely untouched in the world, Mergui Island attracts many tourists coming to Myanmar. In this post, we want to share 6 reasons why you should visit here for a remarkable journey.

1. Be alone on untouched beaches

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Mergui Archipelago is home to many pristine beaches and islands, many of which are not crowded with tourists. If you want to be alone and relax, Mergui will be an ideal place. Here is a nice place and worth for you spending your weekends and holidays. Besides, you can relax and enjoy the fresh atmosphere of a untouched place like this.

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2. Meet the local "Sea Gypsies"

The local "Sea Gypsies" in Mergui Archipelago is also known as the Moken, Solone or Salon. They are one of the smallest indigenous people groups in Burma. The Moken still live a nomadic life crossing more than 800 islands in Mergui Archipelago in order to collect shellfish and pearls. But they seem not to be concerned with the outside world and the value of the things they collected. They are super divers with the ability of breathing more than 4 minutes in water and seeing underwater as diving. Also, they are friendly and happy. Coming here, you will have wonderful chance to experience the life of the Moken "Sea Gypsies".

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3. See more stars than you've ever seen before

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With fresh atmosphere of untouched beaches in Mergui Archipelago, it is not hard to enjoy magnificent sky with a large number of stars at night. It is more than you have ever seen before.

4. Play with the wind and in the water

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The sea is clean, cool and full of wind, which makes you have wonderful feelings. You can dive in the water to explore the mysterious world underneath with many of special and interesting things.

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5. See all the beauty nature and catch your own dinner

The majestic scene in these beaches certainly catches your eyes. The cool natural green color relaxes your mind. In addition, you can collect something for your own dinner including many kinds of fish and vegetables.

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6. Enjoy amazing food in the aboard a beautiful classic sailing yacht

You will be amazed at Burmese cuisine by its diversity and special taste. Delicious food and a stunning is all you need for a wonderful meal with your family, friends or even alone.

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