6 Best Things To Do in Bagan

Being the center of Myanmar’s culture, Bagan attracts millions of visitors every year. The region has three individual towns including Old Bagan, New Bagan, and Nyaung U. Each has its own beauty and characteristic that create endless opportunities for travel lovers to explore the hidden charms of the ancient capital - Bagan. Here are some of the best things to do in Bagan that you should consider.

1. Visit Ancient Temples

Bagan is also called the Ancient city of Temples - one of the most famous places in Myanmar. The first reason to visit Bagan is spend time discovering the classical elegance of over 2,200 temples and pagodas. Each temple has its own story and architecture that are different from the others. Below are 4 most outstanding constructions in the massive temple plain of Bagan.

Firstly, the tallest temple in Bagan is Thatbyinnyu Pahto which was built in 1144 by King Alaungsithu. The special things about this temple are its name and the number of storey. The temple receives the name of “Thatbyinnyu” which means” omniscience”  to describe the enlightened status of the Buddha. And Thatbyinnyu Pahto has two - storey structure instead of one like other temples.

things to do in Bagan 1Thatbyinnyu Pahto is the tallest temple in Bagan

The gilded Shwezigon Pagoda is our next stop. Built by King Anawratha in the mid 11th century, the temple is the oldest stupa which becomes the inspiration for later stupas. 

things to do in Bagan 2

Thirdly, Ananda Temple is considered as the best-preserved ancient temples in Bagan. The Buddhist temple has 4 standing Buddha images ornamented by gold leaf. Each faces in a different direction including Kassapa Buddha (South), Kakusandha Buddha (North), Konagamana Buddha (East) and Gautama Buddha (West).

Finally, visiting Dhammayangyi Temple is definitely a not to be missed things to do in Bagan. It is a famous temple not only for the monumental structure but also for the mystic legends. Discover the temple and find your own explanation for this temple story.

2. Get the Best Views of Bagan’s Sunrise and Sunset

Your trip to Myanmar would not be complete without enjoying sunrise and sunset in Bagan. These phenomena of nature are simply beautiful. But if you can have a chance to admire them in the mysterious atmosphere of the ancient capital of Bagan, the moments guarantee to be the most spectacular experience in your entire journey. 

things to do in Bagan 3Beautiful view of Bagan's sunrise and sunset

You can climb to the top of Ta Wet Hpaya temple and get an impressive view over the entire area. Find your favorite spot and watch the sun rising over the mountains and the sky dying the rainbow colors on the land with the hot air balloons drifting in the break of dawn. Likewise, you can choose North Guni temple to immerse yourself in the beautiful sunset scenes.

3. Stop by a Lacquerware Workshop

Lacquerware techniques come from the northeast hilly areas around the 14th century to the 18th century. This is a sophisticated and required so much effort to create a piece of products. Today, lacquerware products in Bagan are known as the best lacquer in the world. Coming to a workshop in Bagan, you can not only see how the lacquerware is made and experience it by yourself but also find some of the best souvenirs you can get from this kind of material.  We suggest you should visit Jasmine Family Lacquerware Workshop because they will show you a process and give you an in-depth explanation about their product in English. 

things to do in Bagan 4

4. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Bagan is very famous for Hot air Balloon ride. The price is not cheap but it can’t stop travelers from booking it for their lifetime experience. Although cycling and transporting by horse are great, taking a hot air balloon ride will bring you a unique experience to explore the beauty of Temples. Some Balloon riding operators are also provided luxury breakfast with champagne. So, while you are watching the beautiful architecture of temples, you can enjoy tasty food. This will definitely the highlight of your things to do in Bagan.

things to do in Bagan 5

5. Shopping in Nyaung U Market

Nyaung U market offers many kinds of goods like longyi, daily products, souvenirs etc. Many local artists sell their products here and you can get cheap price by purchase directly from the creator. It is also a great chance for you to interact with local people. You can see friendly locals in traditional clothes with yellow face powder - Thanaka on their cheeks - a kind of local sunblock. What is more, you can see how craftsmen turn a natural wood into a work of art. A vivid market will help you to broaden your knowledge about the local daily life.  

things to do in Bagan 6

6. Take an Irrawaddy River Cruise

Travel broadens your horizons. If you are a person who wants to move from place to place daily but you get bored of packing and unpacking every day, then taking an Irrawaddy River Cruise is the best choice for you. It does not only take you to wonderful tourist attractions in Bagan but also take you to the other beautiful places in Myanmar. Why you have to waste your valuable time while everything is taken care of. Just relax and enjoy Bagan’s breathtaking sunrise and sunset in a different perspective or spend your time exploring the interesting destinations.

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things to do in Bagan 7

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