Stuart Hickman - The Soul of Flavour Onboard Pandaw

Stuart Hickman is a 47-year-old Welsh Australian chef, but has passion for the tastes of Southeast Asia. He is the greatest inspiration for the team of talented chefs in Pandaw ship. He always concerns about creating and sharing new and great flavours as well as training a new generation of young local talent.


Stuart has worked as a chef in Pandaw a year and a half and brought the joy of enjoying delicious food and drink. Now he is making an effort to compile a cookbook for the later generations in Pandaw ships. This book gathers up the best recipes for meals and canapes, based on all the diverse local cuisines from different areas. Its title is "Flavours from the Rivers of the Orient"

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When you hear about his impassion with "layers of flavour" of a number of dishes such as caramelised watermelon, feta salad with pickled cucumber and ginger mint dressing, it is certain that you will feel hungry and respectful. He loves his food and takes care of Pandaw's passengers. He always considers his work as a part of the onboard memorable experience.

Stuart learnt how to cook from his father in Australia before starting on cruise ships. He maried to a Thai named Tangmo. Then he understood about Southeast Asia and its nature as well as had the diplomatic skills to be effective in his jobs. Talking about motivating our diverse kitchen crews, he mentions the importance of patience, skillfulness and the need "two spoons of sugar to one spoon of vinegar".

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He also ensures that menus are renewed regularly and the best ingredients are sourced. Stuart says: "We are sharing what's going on in the kitchens along the routes we take, we include some of the favourites of European cuisine and contemporary cuisine all developed with love and passion." So Stuart always looks for the best ingredients at a premium. He is a market-goer who knows all good suppliers and importers.

He says: "A true chef uses their imagination. You can always develop new techniques and new recipes. It’s only your imagination that holds you back."

After all, he has achieved his ambitious dream is to bring delicious food and drink to thousands of passengers through Pandaw Cruises

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