Yandabo - The Great Pottery Village

Yandabo is a small village on the eastern bank of the Irrawaddy River and between Bagan and Mandalay. It is also a historical site where the Yandabo Treaty was signed to end the first Anglo-Burmese war. Yandabo is famous for pottery and the villagers' pottery making ability. When exploring this small village, you can see a large number of ceramic pots. For Yandabo villagers, producing pottery is one of their most important livelihoods.

Yandabo now consists of more than 400 houses. There are up to from 5 to 10 people in one family. Around 30 of more than 400 households produce pottery, and the others are farmers, fishermen or suppliers of raw material for making pottery.


To make a pot, two women have to co-operate together. The first person pots while the other one controls the wheel by using a treadle. They also decorate these pots and dry them under the sun. It is possible that there are around 3,000 pots in a layer covered with a large pile of ash, straw and wood. Then they burn it up at 1,200 Celsius in about three to four days to make brilliant red pots and bring it to anywhere in the world.

yandabo 1

Producing pottery is of the entire village from the first steps to finished products. The pottery here is decorated with various designs. After finishing, all final products are conveyed to the riverbank for shipping to all over Myanmar.

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Coming Yandabo, you can have a chance to experience busy works of the local people here. They are so friendly and sociable, especially not at all interested much in selling. This makes it a really interesting and relaxing trip.

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