Top 5 Most Unique Birds in the Mergui Archipelago

Exploring wildlife is one of the great experiences of cruising through Mergui Archipelago. Myanmar has a biologically diverse with a number of wonderful unique birds. So here we are: Top 5 Most Unique Birds in the Mergui Archipelago

1. The Plain-pouched Hornbill

Of animals in Mergui Archipelago, this rare plain-pouched hornbill luckily still grows. You can find them in forests and along Tenasserim Hills. They often fly in beautiful, large flocks. The Plain-pouched Hornbill used to be the most common in the Mergui Archipelago.

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2. Wallace's Hawk-eagle

Looking for the big and majestic eagle species in Mergui Archipelago, you can find White-bellied Sea Eagle, the Grey-headed Fish Eagle or the Crested Serpent-eagle. But you will be amazed at one of the smallest eagles in the world named Wallace's Hawk-eagle. They are about 46 centimeters in long with the size of a falcon. It is very lucky to see this this elegant and beautiful bird.

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3. The Crested Partridge

The Crested Partridge has stunning plumage, which is beautiful, olive-green plumage, with chestnut-brown scapulars and wings. Their nest is hidden under a pile of leaf. When being threatened, they run fast, but they also can fly short distances with their round wings.

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4. The Red-throated Sunbird

The Red-throated Sunbird is the rarest of 132 sunbird species. It is great that these special sunbirds still grow in the Mergui Archipelago. Their nest is made of plant fibres on a cord from a tree at the edge of a clearing. They lay only one egg each year. This beautiful bird becomes a curious thing for many tourists.

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5. The Brown-winged Kingfisher

The Brown-winged Kingfisher has the most striking colorful plumage. They are pretty large in comparison with other kingfisher species with 35 centimeters in long. They often appear in the coast of mangroves, tidal forest, mudflats, estuaries and brackish creeks. Their foods are fish and mainly crab from mangrove branches or roots. However, it is considered near threatened now.

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