Lampi Island & Marine National Park

Lampi Island is the most popular island for most of tourists when visiting Mergui Archipelago. This island is famous for its biodiversity with a rich of animals and plants. Lampi island marine national park is founded in 1995 as the first one in Myanmar.

With more than 200 square kilometers in size, Lampi Island is the largest in the south of the Mergui Archipelago. It is about 500 meters above the sea level and home to thousands of species of animals, plants and marine life, many of which are unique. Because of its important biodiversity, Lampi Island was declared an ASEAN Heritage Park.

lampi island

Covering Lampi Island is tropicial forest, mangrove forest, fresh water sources, beach, and dune forest. Besides, there are also coral reefs, seagrass, freshwater streams and swamps. It is the variety of habitats that creates a high diversity of terrestrial and marine resources.

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This marine national park provides food, fresh water and energy to thousands people living the five surrounding settlements. Moreover, there are several hundred Moken sea gypsies living in the protected areas.

Coming Lampi Island, you can explore mangrove creeks and observe wildlife animals and stunning landscape by swimming, snorkeling or kayaking. This place is rich in biodiversity, which is big enough to hold wildlife creatures and marine life. Also, you can see some exotic flora and fauna in this area. And you can visit more than 50 surrounding white sand beaches for a relaxing trip.

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Mergui Island still has many other things which are waiting for you to discover. If you are ready, just take chance to become an explorer to get started with our Mergui Archipelago Cruises and get the amazing experience that you have never seen before. Contact us today for the best price!

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