Meet Suchet – The Ex-Captain on SY Meta IV

“I always want to become one with the ocean”, said Mr.Suchet, ex-captain of SY Meta IV.

Captain Suchet was born in a large family with 13 other siblings, nine brothers and four sisters, up in the Thai mountains where far away from the ocean. He had been living under a poor condition, his parents could not afford any education for their children. At his young age, he did not have access to warm water or electricity, his house was built in an isolated area without any neighbors or towns nearby. “Medicine from land was the biggest trouble”, he recalled. 

At the age of fifteen, it was the first time he knew about the life on the ocean which thanked the recommendation from his sister’s boyfriend. Working as a deckhand was his duty on a longtail fishing boat and so he sailed with other cruise members from early morning to late night for fishing. But it didn’t last long because he was recruited for a three-year serve in the national army.

After completing his service, he immediately came back to the ocean where he worked on a ferry. Since then, his life was attached to the ocean, he spent years took lessons and finished courses to achieve his Captain’s license. 

When he reached 27, Suchet became the captain of a large oil tanker for a few years and after that, he also was a captain of a drilling ship. He was introduced to the leisure cruising field by his old friend and Suchet decided to change his path at the age of thirty-eight. 

Just by the time when Suchet’s life started to settle, he again met another obstacle in his life. When angry mobs rioted, Suchet came back on land and helped out with the sick and injured from the fight for he also had knowledge of traditional medicine. 

Finally, Suchet worked as a first mate and thrive himself to become the captain of SY Meta IV.

Captain Suchet of SY Meta IV

Suchet shares his feelings after working with Burma Boating for two seasons “I love the ocean, I like things that are peaceful and simple. I enjoy the fresh seafood, the ease of finding food in the ocean, and more than anything, I enjoy bringing guests out onto the boat, and seeing their joy."

Being a quiet man as he is, Suchet’s life experience was admirable as he has been through tough time more than anyone could imagine. 

After all, he has achieved his ambitious dream is to live a life at sea, lived a life with SY Meta IV and brought the joy of sailing on the ocean to thousands of passengers through Myanmar Yacht Charters.


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