Meet the Crew: Evan, First Mate on SY Sunshine

Many people think that Evan is from the United Kingdom because of his special English accent. Actually, he was born a small village in the Irrawaddy riverbanks, which is closed to Yangon. There were about 200 houses in this small village, and all of them are farmers. Evan was an intelligent boy and also goes to high school in Yangon.

Evan was 18 and looking for a job when he met Peter through the introduction of his roommate. He had never met and spoken to foreigners. Peter had started to build his yacht Sunshine in Yangon for a few months. He needed to hire someone for his work. He still remembers his first meet with Evan. He said: "I went to his home and his roommate Joshua opened the door. There was a tiny and shy boy hiding behind Joshua. He didn't speak a word, but Joshua convinced me to hire him."


Evan stared his work in the shipyard a few days later. Evan's first task was to run from the project's office to the boat and report what was happening. It is because the distance from the office to the shipyard is rather far away, about a 10-minute walk. In 2003, Sunshine was launched, and he left.

The day Evan was introduced to sailing, he said: "I had no idea what to expect, so I expected nothing. I had never been to the beach, never seen the sea, never seen a sailing boat - Sunshine was the first boat I ever stepped onto."

The first voyage of Sunshine is to France after 3 months at sea. Evan has stuck to Sunshine since that time. He said: "Sailing is now so much a part of me, I couldn't even imagine stop".

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